This website is being produced for Lisavaird Co-Op based in West Cork. There are various sectors within this business. The biggest aspect of the business is from an agricultural viewpoint where milk is collected from dairy suppliers over a significant geographical cover of West Cork. All the products that farmers need to maintain & expand their farm can be purchased from the Co-Op. As well as this, there is a hardware and homeware store, a grocery, building supplies and more.

A business website will be created. The type of site that is to be made for this business is a lead generation site which will display the wide variety of products in a bid to entice consumers to visit the brick & mortar location. As well as this, information which will be posted frequently which will be useful to farmers, people doing DIY, etc.. The reason for doing this is to drive SEO, demonstrate that Lisavaird are product experts of what they sell and also to build a relationship with consumers so they see Lisavaird as a brand which cares about their customers.

Almost all consumers of the general public may be considered within the TA of Lisavaird for one product or another as the range of products sold is so vast. For the purpose of this assignment, I will focus on targeting people likely to purchase garden furniture, I’ve chosen this TA as there are currently approximately 400 houses under construction in the town of Clonakilty which is just a couple of miles from Lisavaird and there is a good chance many of these new home owners will want to purchase some garden furniture.

The ideal way to measure success of this website would be to measure sales directly from it. As it will not be an eCommerce store, this will be slightly more difficult. A form will be added to the site to request a call from the manager regarding any queries regarding products. This will not show us all the sales made from the site as some people will come straight to the store after seeing the products on display and make a purchase. To counteract this, monthly promotions will be posted to the site and a sales lift method will be used to calculate the rise in sales. As well as this, Google analytics will be used for a range of measurements e.g to monitor the product pages which draw the highest interest.

I took the three bordering co-operatives for inspiration and a website competitor analysis, Barryroe Co-Op, Drinagh Co-Op, & Bandon Co-Op. I found Barryroe to have a completely outdated website so I focused on Bandon & Drinagh who do frequent work to their websites.

I noticed many strong features of both websites that I wanted to replicate for Lisavaird :

• Both websites kept the general colour theme in line with the logo’s of the brand.

• Bandon had a very accessible product catalogue which makes it easy to view the type of products they stock.

• Both websites have social icons linking to their respective social accounts to maximise social media growth.

• On the top of the landing pages, both sites have movement (Drinagh – sliding writing & Bandon – sliding images). This gives a more interactive feel to the website rather than a single still image when landing on the site.

• Both websites had information & products broke into Agri/Retail categories for the ease of the wide variety of consumers to get to where they want to on the site as easily as possible.

• Both websites had promotional offers – This might keep regular customers keen on visiting the site on a regular basis to keep an eye on what’s on offer.

• Both

Things they have done I want to avoid doing:

• Drinagh have three images of promotions in a row on their home page. 2 of these are the same height but 1 is a shorter image. Having images of a consistent size when they can be seen together is an aim of mine for a better, more structured appearance.

• Drinagh have no products on display which makes them less likely to generate leads through their website for people who are not familiar with what the business does.

Other than these small issues with their websites, I’m definitely inspired by their overall website purpose, functionality & content. If I can replicate a website of a similar effect to either of these, I’ll be very pleased. Although Drinagh is almost as good as Bandon’s in my opinion, I’ll be slightly more leaning towards Bandon’s website for inspiration as they have a display of the products they provide which is what will hopefully drive lead generation for Lisavaird’s site.