GAIN Puppy and Sapling is a complete diet, formulated specifically for growing greyhounds, pregnant and lactating bitches.The GAIN Puppy & Sapling 15kg consists of crude protein 29%, crude oils and fats 17% and is produced specifically for growing greyhounds, pregnant and lactating bitches. The inclusion of high quality protein from chicken, fish, eggs, gluten meal and skim milk, ensures the correct amino acid balance for development and strength. Flaxseed, fish and canola oil are included to help maintain the correct omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, which helps skin, coat, brain and vision development. The dog’s optimum energy supply is maintained by the inclusion of brewers rice, maize, chicken fat and canola oil, which helps promote slow controlled growth up to maturity. The dogs development of lean muscle mass is helped by the inclusion of l-carnitine, due to its role in reducing the deposition of body fat. The inclusion of brewers yeast, fos and pulp helps promote a healthy digestive system for the dog. The wheat and soya helps increase digestibility and reduces the risk of digestive upsets.